Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turkey Day's Gone - Bring On The Snowman

It's time to start gearing the kids towards the winter holidays and the crafts that go along with them.  Let's start with a couple of snowman project that are cute, easy and definitely delicious. 

These little cuties are simple.  Take a cracker, add a little spread of white frosting, stack two marshmallows  (use frosting to stick the marshmallows together), use small strips of Razmataz type candy for the scarf; a chocolate disc and a chocolate dipped mini marshmallow for the hat.  For the disc, you can pour a small layer of melted chocolate and cut into the shape you desire; best to do before it is completely hardened.  Face accents can be done with frosting or sprinkles of your choice.

Chocolate snowman hats are super cute and simple.  It is all about chocolate dipping.  The bottom part is an Oreo cookie and the top is a standard size marshmallow.  You will want to dip the cookies first and allow them to harden so the top doesn't try to slid off.  
Then dip the marshmallow, allowing the extra to drip off, set on top and allow to harden.  The top will stick for sure. 
Use a tad of frosting to add the leaves; stick a red candy, like a red hot, to the frosting before it hardens.  It should stick fine.

There you go.  Two fun holiday snack projects to share with the kids and the adults who aren't ashamed that they are still kids at heart. 

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