Thursday, December 5, 2013

Unique Gift for the One Who Has Everything

Are you facing that age old situation?  What unique gift can you get for the guy or gal who has everything they want?  Or that person who enjoys an experience more than an 'item'?  Here an idea that may be perfect and you can find this in many cities around the world.

Can you make it to Las Vegas?  Here's the sky high dining experience that is offered there.

By Betty Hallock

April 29, 2013, 12:37 p.m.

Want to eat dinner strapped into your seat at a table hovering in the open sky 180 feet above ground, complete with views of the Las Vegas Strip? Dinner in the Sky Las Vegas aims to bring thrill-seeking diners that opportunity this summer. Just don't drop your fork!

Dinner in the Sky breaks ground this week on an 8.8-acre site off Las Vegas Boulevard near Polaris Street and Tropicana Avenue. A permanent 200-foot-high steel tower will suspend 29-by-18-foot tables that will accommodate 22 people in race car seats equipped with six-point harnesses. (Fully loaded with people, including a team of servers, the tables weigh 7 tons.)

Three-course dinners, plus dessert, will be prepared by executive chefs Ward Martin and Ivan Sanchez at eight nightly seatings from 5 to 10 p.m. Dinner packages start at $290 per person and include wine pairings and a complimentary photo. The menu will constantly change, featuring a choice of beef, chicken or fish, plus a vegetarian option.

Much of the food will be prepared in advance and then finished in a convection oven on the elevated platform; diners can expect to be in the sky for about an hour.

more info available by going to this L.A. Time site (click here)

Mexico City just opened up a sky high dining experience also.

I am not too sure what the view will be from here but this is a bit of info - just in case Mexico is a better venue for you.

DINNER IN THE SKY is an extreme experience where 22 people are lifted by a crane to enjoy dinner or event to 45 meters high. EXPERIENCES IN THE SKY SAPI DE CV has the exclusive in all of Mexico for the operation and marketing of DINNER IN THE SKY.

We provide our customers with exlusivas experiences in a completely safe way of technical face . Therefore Dinner in the Sky Mexico is designed according to strict German standard DIN 4112 - " Fliegende Bauten " dedicated to building flying structures .

All drawings, calculations and simulations have all been tested by TÜV Rheiland international body . The structure and all lifting accessories are reviewed in accordance with the regulations of the European standard EN 13814:2004 .

This obsession with security is one of the reasons why Dinner in the Sky and operates in over 40 countries worldwide .

Dinner in the Sky is a platform that comes pre - assembled and loaded in the trailer of a common truck to the venue . The dimensions of the pallet are 6m long and 2.5m wide and has a tare weight 4.3tl . Now for the assembly of Dinner in the Sky , which takes less than 2 hours ( platform only ) , a crane is needed.

To pilot the Dinner in the Sky platform during the event cranes work with local suppliers under strict safety regulations.

Now these are just a couple of examples of locations.  This type of dining is available all over the world.  For me, I would want a place where you could get a view of a beautiful beach.  But, I am not too sure how stable this event would be if place on the sand.  Maybe near by would be ok.  Or - what about a birds eye view of the Super Bowl?  Bet there are some sort of regulations that forbid that, but it was a thought.  Right?  And I even found a company that suggest a 'wedding in the sky' to ensure that the groom does not get cold feet last minute.  This same company also mentioned having your wedding over your ex's home.  Tacky but clever.

Best thing to do if this unique gift idea interest you is Google 'dining in the sky' and place a town near you that may work and go from there.  For sure a great high end gift idea.

And what a great photo op!

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